Saturday, August 25, 2007

Announcing the polyp

We thought that we had come up with a great way to tell our parents about Baby Scherm. We had heart charms engraved with "Grandma" and "Gramee", to give our moms. We had our first ultrasound picture with us, which we planned to give to the dads.

We went to Texas the week before Labor Day (I had my 10 year class reunion Sept 1st & 2nd). Karl's parents picked us up from the airport and we were staying with them for a couple days before going to Longview. We gave Karl's mom the box with the Grandma charm and his dad a doo-rag with the ultrasound picture wrapped in it. Karl's mom open the charm and didn't realize what it meant, seeing as she already has 2 grandsons. Dad opened the doo-rag and the picture fell on the floor. When Karl put it in front of him he didn't know what it was.

Finally we had to just tell them, We are having a baby, that is a picture of it and the charm is for her because she will be our baby's grandma!! Of course they were SO excited and couldn't wait to tell people.

Next Karl's grandma came over. We just had the ultrasound picture sitting on the counter in front of her. Karl's mom asked her if she knew what it was. She asked who had cancer cause it looked like someone had a polyp in there colonoscopy. Technology sure has changed since she had a baby!

Since our grand scheme didn't go over so well the first time, we decided to give my parents a "New Grandparents" card with the ultrasound in it. Mom opened her charm first, but she didn't have her glasses on to read Gramee. Then dad opened the card and he knew it wasn't a polyp! After putting her glasses on she LOVED the charm and wore it for the rest of the weekend! They too were VERY excited. I thought I was going to have the hide the phone from mom, so she didn't tell Granny before we got the chance to.

Then we began to tell friends. I can't tell you how welcome the news was to everyone who heard it. Several of my girlfriends cried, while a couple others spilled the beans that they were also pregnant! Two of my very closest friends are pregnant and we are all due within a couple days of each other, Dre & Kristen.

Thank you all so much for sharing in this joy!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Haskell

The Haskell Race has become a great family tradition each year with the Scherms!

Each year we travel to New Jersey to spend the weekend with Karl's Uncle Dick and Aunt Carol. We are always joined by their kids and their kid's kids. Normally we are even lucky enough to get some Scherms up from Texas! This year Karl's mom and dad joined us.

This year we had a great time going to the Knucklehead's Comedy Club. We played a great round of Gin, where the boy's team won (but not by much:). Then Sunday we packed everything up for the races. We spent the day and our money, betting on the horses. We got to see them come out dressed and ready to ride and then go in a watch the races first hand. Nothing beats spending the day with your family!

This year we also had the pleasure of attending our friend Carrie Fitchett's birthday party(convenient of her to live in NJ and have a party the weekend we were there)!! We had a great time hanging out with Carrie and catching up with some LeTourneau friends!