Friday, June 1, 2012

Petra's two-word sentence

Petra said her first two-word sentence at least a month ago, probably more. In true 3rd kid nature her parents have neglected to recognize her achievements! I would like to add to this by letting you know that only a 3rd child would have this as their first sentence, because they learned it from an older sibling! Well, here goes, Petra's first sentence was:
"That's Yucky!"
Thank you Stina for teaching her that! This picture is the face she makes when she is saying, "That's Yucky", which she likes to say a lot just to get a rise out of her parents! Although, it has also been confused with "That's Daddy" and "That's Katty" (which is what Stina calls the cats)!
Petra is SO much fun! She has no fear and loves deeply! She will climb from the floor up on to the counter, just so you will hold her and she can nestle her head on your shoulder!
Love this girl!!!