Saturday, January 15, 2011

They must be Scandinavian...or Cajun! :)

The question of the century for this household is "What's for dinner?"!! No one ever wants to decide! The actual cooking is not ever really a problem, since both Karl and I like to cook, but WHAT to make!! Recently, we have been having lots of blackened fish, Mahi Mahi mostly.

We have offered the Lars fish in the past, but he was never a huge fan of it. Until last week! Now it's his favorite food!! I might also add that for the past 6 months or so Lars has decided to be picky and now all of a sudden he has returned to eating us out of house and home! This is a welcome adjustment (although, in his teen years you may have to remind me I said that)!

See above:
This week he has been requesting fish for dinner and a LARGE piece at that! I'd like to add that Stina is no slouch in the eating department! That girl can put away the food!! Her piece was almost as big as Lars' and she has already finished it! This week we also had steak one night for dinner. How would you divide a 20 oz steak between Karl, Lars and I? Karl, 6 oz., Jessi, 4oz. and Lars 10 oz!! Stina took some of Karl's too! These kids love their surf and turf!! They are only 1 and 2 years old!

This is just a bonus "eating" picture! Stina has been feeding herself more and more lately. She really does a good job with silverware, but sometimes things get a little messy!! I wish I looked this cute with food all over me!

A day in the life...

A month or so ago I decided that I really need to blog more and Facebook less. Mostly because Facebook is saved for like a second! and blogging can be saved forever! The dilemma is Facebook can be update in a few seconds, a couple words here and there, add some pictures and people get the idea of what we are up too. A blog on the other hand, I feel like I need time to sit down and think about what I'm going to say and be picky about what pictures to post.

That being said, I'm going to work on it! I was also checking our blog's stats today and turns out people actually come to it! I thought it was just our parents and close friends (who really only come to the blog with urging and reminding), but apparently others are interested in the musings of a crazy mom with 3 kids under 2.5!! I will try to accommodate those of you faithful readers, who have been left with nothing to read for the last 4 months or more!!

Before Christmas, we were SO busy we had at least one activity everyday of the week except Monday, which usually ended up being grocery store/Costco/Target day! SO I decided we needed to slow down and try to catch our breathe a little in 2011. This week we actually had 2 days that we (well the kids anyway) didn't even get in the car! THIS IS A HUGE FEAT!! We are all much happier for it too! We still went to Lars' Soccer Tots and his preschool co-op group, which I call Playskool. The other days we had lots of fun playing with our neighbors. One day "in the snow", even though there was only an inch. The kids really enjoyed "sledding", aka moms pulling them around in the driveways! :):) (My friend Katie took pictures and I'm hoping to steal some from her! I will add them to this if I get them) Stina even really like it! I was freezing because of the wind, but the kids didn't seem to notice. Today, we spent the whole day at our neighbor Sara's house. She is awesome! She even watched Lars while Stina was napping so I could run to Fedex, without dragging everyone along!

Well, hopefully I will actually be better at blogging in 2011! Although, I'm not making it a resolution, those always seem to backfire. Like the one I did make, going to bed before midnight, everynight! It's January 15th and I haven't gone to bed before midnight yet!