Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Been up to lately...

This is a little scattered, but I thought I'd try to catch up since our last post.

We have been so busy this Summer already! We finished off the Spring with a visit to the National Zoo with our friends, the Gates and Youngs. This has now become an annual event which is SO fun! Not to mention that still today (almost 3 months later) if you ask Lars what he did today he says, "Monkey, Elephant, Tiger". I think he likes the Zoo a little:) We have been to 2 other zoos since then, the Dallas Zoo and this week the Reston Zoo. Both of which we had a great time at too! If you live near Dallas you should go to the new exhibit there it's awesome! You can actually feed giraffes! Thanks Wallings for coming out in the heat with your new baby, Ace!

We kicked off the Summer, Memorial Day weekend with my sister Jenni's wedding to the wonderful Mr. Todd Singletary! We are very excited to have him in our family! (All the pics after this are from Jenni's wedding).