Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ryan Marquiss is HOME!!!

For the many of you who having been praying for our friends the Marquisses, you will be thrilled to hear that they were able to bring Baby Ryan home yesterday!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Ryan was born with his heart and a portion of his stomach outside his chest. Doctors didn't think he would ever even be born, but he is a true warrior and is fighting for his life, with God's grace now he will get to be at home with his family!! Ryan is still on a feeding tube, so they are learning to manage that. He has a special breastplate to protect his exposed organs.

Please continue to pray for the Marquiss Family as they have a lot of adjustments to make.

Here is a link to his homecoming! He is so cute!!

Welcoming our Baby!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lars' 1st Haircut

Lars had his first haircut yesterday. He was beginning to have a little bit of a mullet! For some reason his hair grows faster in the back than on top, so we had to put a stop to the "Business in the front, Party in the back" look. We only cut the back, but he looks super cute!
You can see in the video (which is kinda long), we created our own cartoon cuts. Karl cut his hair with the clippers, while he watched a video, ate a cookie, and combed his own hair! Anything to distract:). I have no idea how my dad cut our hair (all girls) when we were little! How do you get a kid to sit still?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week of 1st!

This has been a big week for Lars with food.
Monday, he had a hot dog and ate the whole thing!
Tuesday, he had pizza with his friend Maryn! He LOVED it!!
Wednesday, he had Terryaki Steak (Chinese Food:).
Thursday, he fed himself a whole bowl of macaroni! You can see him enjoying it in the pictures and then confirming it in the video clip.
I don't think there is any food out there that Lars doesn't like! I hope he stays that way:):)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lars dancing to guitar!!

Hope ya'll enjoy this video! It's Lars dancing with Greg Speier playing guitar!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Karl is 30!!

This week has been filled with milestones. First Lars turned 1, then Karl turned 30!! We had a suprise birthday party for Karl on Sunday, he really was surprised! Thanks to everyone, who celebrated birthdays with us ALL weekend!!
Karl would love to have a new Dodge Challenger, so I got him one! Not exactly the size he wanted, but it will have to do for now:)!

Lars is 1!

Lars had his 1 year doctor's appointment today. Dr. Ben confirmed that Lars is still growing rapidly and continues to be off the chart! I thought he was slowing down a little and might actually touch the chart this time, but as you can see he went up a little more than 3 months ago!
It's hard to believe it's already been a year, my baby is growning up way to fast! As Papaw Hardy used to always say to me, "We are going to have to put a brick on his head!"

The top chart is his weight and the bottom chart his height. If you click on them they get bigger, so you can see his 33 inches and almost 29 pounds!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lars' 1st Birthday

Lars had his 1st birthday party today! We all had so much fun! It was great to have so many friends and family here. Karl's parents even made it up from Texas!!
Lars got way too many toys, which he is very excited about (I'll post more pics soon of him playing with them). Once he got a taste of the cake, he dug right in. It was so great to see him just plant his face right in. I'm not sure what I was thinking, putting black icing on his cake, but it all washed out!