Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A home for Curly

Curly, needs a home...

**URGENT**-Need home for 10 year old Female Cat:

Curly (the cat), (all medical records upon request)

She is a spayed female 10 year old cat.

She is declawed in the front.

She is great with older kids and other cats.

Her family is in the Military and has already left the country for 2-5 years. They thought they could take her with them and just found out the week they were leaving that they could not. She is a great cat! Very sweet, loves to sit in your lap and to play. Her family has 4 kids and one other cat (which has already been adopted).

She has been staying with another family since her family left, but is very unhappy there. They have 3 very young kids and a big dog. She has been there almost 2 months and is very stressed.

Please let me know if you can help me get her adopted! She can be your's forever or just while the family is out of the country. That is up to you.

I will bring to you anywhere between New York and North Carolina!!

Thank you!!

Jessi Scherm