Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Pics

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes January 21st (good timing, after my birthday so I still got to have cake:). The down side is that I have had to cut out all refined sugar. The upside is we got to have another sonogram to see Baby Scherm. The baby is already almost 6 lbs.!!

The first picture is a front picture of the baby's face (a little skeleton looking). The second picture is a profile picture. You can see the baby's little hand over the mouth. We may have a thumb sucker on our hands, the baby had their hand over their mouth in the 20 week picture too!!

The baby is doing great! I now have to go to the doctor twice a week until the baby is born. This is also due to the gestational diabetes. Once a week for a doctor's visit and non-stress test (the baby's heart rate and my potential contractions are monitored for 20 minutes). The second visit is for a biophysical ultrasound and baby monitoring. So far only a few Braxton-Hicks, but nothing serious or painful.

Also, because of the gestational diabetes, I'm scheduled to be induced on April 4th, my Grandpa DeGarmo's birthday! It would be really cool to have the baby that day! Especially if it's a boy cause he will be named after Grandpa!

Thank you all for your prayers! Pray that Baby Scherm continues to do well. Pray that I will go into labor on my own, so I don't have to be induced (I'm a little nervous about that).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baby Shower

I'm not sure where to start to thank everyone for the enormous blessings that were poured out on us this weekend!

Katie and Julie gave us the most beautiful baby shower! I had such a great time and walked away dumbfounded by the presence of God.
I must first tell you, Karl and I moved here to Northern Virginia just over 5 years ago. About 3 months after moving here, I remember crying and telling Karl how hard the move had been for me, not because of location or job, but because I really need girlfriends and I hadn't met any girls. If I had known what God had in store for me I wouldn't have believed it! Through church, bible study, work and neighbors, I have been truely blessed to have more girlfriends than I can count! And not just casual friendships, girls that I can share my heart with over coffee or a great meal (cause you know I love good food:)!!

I could never have imagined the blessings!

A couple special guests at my shower, who traveled a long way to be there:) Carrie-college friend, traveled from NJ, Heather-college friend, traveled from NC, and Jilanna- childhood friend, traveled from FL!

The six girls in the last picture are all expecting with 4 of us due in April! From Left to Right: Tracey-30 weeks, Erica-20 weeks, me-32 weeks, Kristen-32 weeks, Melissa-13 weeks, Denise-32 weeks.

Best of Luck to you all!!