Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stina 2 word sentence and Petra rolling over!

Stina said her first sentence a few weeks ago and her second yesterday! Her first sentence was "I sit"! She says this when she wants to sit somewhere, especially in your lap!
Her second sentence is "carry you"! She just started yesterday holding my leg and looking up at me saying, "carry you"! How can I resist!! She is so cute!
Funny and sad to me is that at her age Lars really wanted to be carried all the time too, but he was SO heavy (35+ pounds) I would always try to get him to walk. When Stina (24 pounds) asks to be picked up, I just pick her up!

Petra started rolling over from her back to her stomach a few weeks ago! Now if you lay her on her back she will be on her stomach in minutes! The bad thing is she can't roll from her stomach to her back. She gets really frustrated, when she is stuck on her stomach. It's only a matter of time now. I know she will be crawling now before we know it!

These kids really do grow too fast!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Camping in Denial

We have had mild colds this week, runny nose, fussiness... you know how that goes. In an effort to not spread it and hopefully end it, we have stayed home. Lars and Stina are in denial that it's cold out and ask all day if we can go to the beach or go outside and swing! We have been building lots of tents and tunnels and pretending to be wild animals!!
They are really ferocious! Watch out!!
Bonus pics: Stina going to the beach and Lars showing how he really feels about his sisters!!